07.19.13  |  Some overdue news: 1) I recorded a cover of The Postal Service's "This Place is a Prison" for a compilation released earlier this year by Independent Clauses. You can listen to it here and download it here. 2) Online literary journal Prick of the Spindle published my first short story, "Leave as Found," which you can read here
01.04.13  |  Happy New Year, everyone! Tomorrow, the new band I'm in is finally heading into the studio to track some demos, so be on the lookout for recordings in the near future. We're called Sunjacket.
08.25.12  |  On Thursday, September 20th, I'll be performing with recently married folk-pop duo Bella Ruse, formerly of Minneapolis and now from Ohio. The show is at Uncommon Ground on Devon, which has limited seating, so be sure to call ahead and make reservations (773-465-9801) if you'd like to guarantee a spot. The venue/restaurant has a rooftop garden and a nice selection of craft brews, so plan on filling your stomachs along with your ears. In other news, I recently recorded a previously unreleased song called "Going" for an upcoming short film, "The Old Man and the Lion," written and directed by Justin Leyba, a graduate of the high school where I teach. You can download the song for free at Bandcamp.
06.03.12  |  Two Illinois shows planned for June: a benefit in Champaign on the 16th and a 21+ show in Chicago on the 25th. It's been a while... Hope you can make one of them!
01.01.12  |  Happy New Year, everyone! On Saturday, January 28th at 3PM, I'll be doing an Audiotree Live Session, which is an in-studio performance and interview (that you can stream online at the Audiotree website). I'm especially excited to be joined and accompanied by Tricia Scully, Fred de Albuquerque, Bryan Kveton, Molly Robison, & Garret Bodette for the session. In other news, look out for a new music project that I'm a part of; we hope to start playing some Chicago shows sometime this Spring this Fall (edited 4/19, halfway through "this Spring").
09.15.11  |  My need for a jacket this afternoon (and the fact that the academic world is back in session) reminded me that I could probably remove the link for the Summer Tour 2K11 Blog on my index page, even though it's still technically summer for another week. If you'd ever like to relive the magic, just click here.
05.23.11  |  Though we're looking to add at least a few more, the tentative tour dates for our Summer Tour 2K11 are posted both on the Facebook event and our new tour blog. We're pur-dy excited to venture out West, and we hope to see you there!
03.28.11  |  Today is the final day you can pre-order "Seven Swans Reimagined" before it becomes available for download first thing tomorrow. It features the likes of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Inlets, and DM Stith (all of whom created wonderful renditions of Sufjan's originals). The title track was performed by yours truly, with the help of Tricia Scully, Bryan Kveton, and Santah members Steve Plock and Tommy Trafton. Please check it out and download it if you like it; all proceeds go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure (via On Joyful Wings).
03.02.11  |  This July, Tricia Scully and I are planning to head out West to play some music! E-mail me if you'd like us to perform in your town, and I'll see what we can do. Until then, enjoy 'Windjammer' and share it with your amigos.
11.09.10  |  'Windjammer' is now officially released! If you're not into spinning pieces of plastic, you can download it on iTunes, Bandcamp, or Amazon. If you listen in to tomorrow's edition of "Eight Forty-Eight" on Chicago's WBEZ, you'll hear me talking with Alison Cuddy and performing a few songs from the album. And if you come to Martyrs' tomorrow night, you'll see me playing some of those songs live! That's a lot of "if"s.
10.07.10  |  I'll be playing two relatively low-key CD release shows for 'Windjammer' around the 11/9 release date; the first is on 11/5 at Mike 'n' Molly's in Champaign, and the second is on 11/10 at Martyrs' in Chicago. You can buy tickets for the latter show right here. Oh, and if you dare, check out the 'Windjammer' page on Amazon. The song sample selection is rather puzzling if you ask me...
09.12.10  |  The pre-order page for my new album 'Windjammer' (out 11/9/10) is up and running, and in case you missed it on the way in, I've provided a link back to it right here. Don't forget to take a listen to the freshly unveiled title track, which you can find at the bottom of the pre-order page, and be sure to keep your ears peeled for more new music in the coming weeks.
09.06.10  |  You can now download "Sinking Ships" (one of two songs that didn't make it onto Windjammer) in the "Other Recordings" section of the music page. Fred de Albuquerque is responsible for the track's electric guitar. Hope you enjoy!
06.19.10  |  A little while ago, Sam Gordon interviewed me for Reviewsic.com in order to promote On Joyful Wings' "We Were Lost, We Were Free" compilation. Also, OneSongs.com posted a video recording of "Coffee on the Rocks." Click away!
06.14.10  |  We're over half way through our tour, and we have a couple days off. Check out the remaining dates plus some new Illinois dates at the shows page. And be sure to stop by the tour blog to see photos, videos, and more.
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